Ever having problems with your local printer or shared network printer? Sometimes, you use the built-in Printer troubleshooter on your windows machine. Sometimes it does not work in case cryptic error message appear or that the Windows troubleshooter simply can’t find the issue to fix.

Printer Queue is list of items awaiting to be printed. Items could come from various word processors like MS Word or Excel you tried to print, PDF, or if a shared printer, will be someone’s item awaiting to be printed.

When error strikes, troubleshooting will lead to clearing the printer queue. Here is a way to clear it.

Go to Start>Devices and Printers> select the printer you want to clear queue. Right click and select “See what’s printing” then cancel all items in the print queue.

Alternatively, you can go to c:\windowssystem32spoolPRINTERS and delete all items inside the printers folder. This will clear all erring print jobs on your printer. Sometimes the deletion will not succeed because you will be shown access denied errors due to spooler. Stop spooler by going to command prompt as administrator and enter “NET STOP SPOOLER”. Delete the files and go back to command prompt and issue “NET START SPOOLER”.

By Kyle

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