Part of our basic need is shelter. Shelter provides us protection from environment, a place we sleep and eat, a dwelling place. For some who need to work or study and do not have an available place to stay nearby, we try to find room for rent, bedspace or boarding house. The reason primarily is the distance of the workplace from our home and the convenience of having a near place to stay to avoid traffic. By having a near home, it relieves us of the added stress of waking up early in the morning and going late home after work.
We all have our own preference in our selection. We can opt for room bedspace to save money since a bedspace monthly rent is about half the monthly rental for a room for rent. Typically, bedspacers will enjoy furnished room. Rooms can be concrete and tiled. Others are painted and provided with bed. Landlords of a boarding house and bedspace make sure that their offered space can be maximized by their tenants by putting up usable stuff like cabinets, cooking utensils, tables, common TV and Cable channel, Wifi, refrigerator etc. This will ensure bedspacers can only bring few of their personal stuff since the landlord already have the things they need. Usually beds are double deck and typical numbers in a room are two or three double decks, while larger rooms can house more than five beds. Bedspace rooms can be offered with or without aircon, which will affect the rate. Landlords can enforce policies that will help maintaining the orderliness of the rooms and shared house wares. Eating inside rooms, bringing guests, usage of a lot of undisclosed appliances and electric gadgets, smoking, drinking, and hazardous substances. You will gain friends since there will be individuals living with you on a room, building friendship or may inflict conflict. Being friendly and understanding to other boardmates will be ideal for those who want to live on boarding house. Respect to one another will give peaceful ambiance and satisfying stay on a boarding house.
For those who can afford a room for rent, typical price range is three thousand pesos up. Low rate room for rent are made of wood materials and empty of furniture. Others provide bed, most dont. Mostly, rooms are for single occupancy or 2 at most. Bigger rooms with capacity more than two occupants have rates that might go four thousand up. These can be considered like an apartment unit with comfort room and sink inside the room. They are commonly built of concrete. Electricity and water not included. Each unit can be assigned with its own meter and billing is made by the tenant to the electric or water company. Common practice on these establishments are defined lease time and requires deposits on rent from 1 to 2 months.

Best way of looking for an ideal room or bedspace is via online. Searching online with keywords “room for rent” and the address gives results on google. Popular online selling sites that has a lot of result is By being specific to address, you can easily pinpoint and select the best room available. Post has the description, address, and  contact information of the landlord. Facebook searching can also give promising location to start searching for that best room. There are facebook groups out there providing offers about room for rent or bedspace. Joining such groups gives you valuable information and offers. Other room for rent tenant also offers room sharing while others offer condo sharing. Before, walking to every street on a certain location is the only option in looking for that room, we have online option you can try anytime to avoid the heat of the sun and tiring walks. I experience trying to find a room for rent by walking long distances and noticed lots of bedspacers and room near schools or highly residential areas. Those that offer great deals are those that are hard to find, since if they are easy to find, searchers would have found it. Finally, you can also explore your networks: your workmate, friend, relatives,or classmates to inquire for known room rents or bedspace. They say the early bird catches the worm. Hence, being able to quickly take that best offer can mean an affordable and comfortable stay away from home. Just do not forget to ask on the details of the renting as some unscrupulous landlords do not disclose the hidden crap until you already moved in.

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