We can already consider texting and calling as part of our daily routine. Its easy to imagine how in 15 years how we embrace the digital life and how it ease communication of our archipelago. In the early years of the SMS boom and the trending Nokia black and white phones is the emergence of various text promos. 
Its amazing how these changed. We already have various option to avail mobile communication- via calls and data. We get free Facebook as of the time of this writing for any promo subscription we apply as in the case of Globe. Call and text promos are often bundled and budget but not big data promos are offered for internet. The prepaid mobile market still experience growth in customers as Telco giants offers better promos than postpaid. What powers the prepaid users is the load we buy- when we need it and where we need it.

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So for ways of buying load in the Philippines, here are the options:
Load Retailers
Sari-sari stores, convenience stores, security guards, or even classmates engage on load retailing. The convenience of easy reloading is realized by having retailers of load. The giant Telco’s will be providing better accessibility for their prepaid load and hence users will be able to reload anytime anywhere. Retailers actually benefit from load retailing due to: low capital needed, convenience and ease in operations, guaranteed income for every transaction and easy monitoring of transactions. Reload are typically with fee like few pesos on top of the load amount.
Load Loan
Yes. Not only you can go to stores to load, you can also loan. Loans are keywords or menu from the Telco directly. Loans can be paid on next reload with added fee of few pesos.
Pasa-Load and Share-a-Load
You can even ask your friends and family for that immediate load by transfer of load. Amount and recipient is provided by the sender. Usually have transaction add-on of one peso.


You can visit your BDO website or other bank with portals that allow you to directly buy Load from savings account. Sign in and follow through the menu to avail the load.
Load Card

You can reload your prepaid mobile phone, and continue availing Telco services via Load cards. It can be bought from Telco Business Centers and load retail outlet nationwide.These call and text cards can be kept for future reloading use until the card’s expiry. Cards have gray panel to be scratched to get the call card number and PIN. For Globe, they provide 35 free text to all networks and two hundred ninety peso payment for a three hundred peso call card, I actually prefer this one as ordinary subscriber will be able to save at least and can use the card for pasa-loads since typical expiration is two months. I would go for this option if your always reload as it i cheaper and provides freebies.

Maximizing your load by registering to cheap and long expiry date promos requires reference to keywords. Click here to view keywords for affordable data calls and text promos for globe.

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