A good movie is fun to watch and computers are still one of the devices we watch movies. We still watch on computers since it is a direct way to watch. Computers can have large hard disks that can house your movie collection. Other device like smartphones has good storage than before, but due to the large file size of a movie, having like 50 movies on your 16 gigabyte phone is not possible, unless the movie has low resolution making the file size small. Smartphones also has smaller screen size. We viewers always want big displays to enjoy watching movie. I have a 5.5 inches android phone and regardless of the 1080p native resolution it’s LCD display, I still watch the movies from my laptop.

Computers also have more option to watch movie. It can be from a Digital Video Disk (DVD) if your computer has the DVD reader, via USB flash drive and external hard disks, or even streamed online via Netflix or Hulu. TVs now are embedded with smart OS, providing its own media player app or user can customize allowing install of compatible media player app. Computers still have more media player apps and the convenience of powerful computers can not be lowered by smart TVs.

Windows 7 provides a built-in media player named Windows media player. Basic file formats of movies will be playable but the lack of other functionalities like shortcut keys is not enough. It cannot play flash format videos which are those movies with .flv file extension. It also cannot play a popular movie format called Matroska file or .mkv. The basic features of Windows media player still is handy in reading CD and DVDs.

My personal favorite media player before is KMPlayer or KMP. This software looks cool with its black elegant UI and a lot of controls user can tweak to bring the best settings for playing the movie. It can play movies in various screen modes like one half the source frame size or set to full extended mode for small frame source to maximize the display. Other movie player just opens files on their original frame size as we can see on the black horizontal space of the lower and upper part of the moving. By extending the view area, the viewer have an option to see the movie zoomed in to their preference. It also offers re-syncing of subtitle files, keyboard shortcut for fast forward and pause, and audio stream selection for multi-language movies. It also offers playing of H.264 and AAC formats from high resolution movies.

DivX Player is new to me, but I use it primarily to open H.264 and AAC compressed HD movies that I encounter problems opening on other media player. DivX Player has free trial for premium features and requires internet to be installed.

VLC is also a good media player. The simple design and user friendly interface brings important features to user quickly. It provides lesser functionality compared to KMP but still plays movies nicely. As I was asked by my friend who cannot play a movie from Win Media Player because of lag, I advised them to download either of those mentioned media player and movie played nicely. Knowing your right media player for opening movies is good to do. Select your media player and enjoy watching movies!

By Kyle

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