We use our computers for work and play. We have them at office, and commonly in a form of desktop computer. At home, some also have their desktop for internet and games. Since desktop are so commonplace and upgrades for parts should be on your list. One important part that will ensure reliability of your computing device is the UPS.
UPS is an acronym for Uninterruptible Power Supply. By its very simple and straightforward name, it is a device that ensures emergency backup power in case of an electrical fault. The reason why is because of the very nature of computers in which the memory or RAM does not retain information in the event of power loss. All non-volatile information is stored into a media referred to as hard disk, SSD, or in the early days- floppy disks. If you work on a spreadsheet that is unsaved, you will be surprised it will not be retain if there is power outage. If you still use AVR or Automatic Voltage Regulator, I suggest buying your own UPS as it will protect your system from power related damage. Interrupted power causes malfunction on your desktop as your computer has delicate circuits that could mess up and permanently damaged due to unstable power.
UPS as I remember before for desktops are just simple looking box where you hook up your power cables. Now, various units and models from different manufacturers provide enhancements. They added surge protection, beeping alarm sound for overload warning and battery change diagnosis, up to adding network hardware to enable administrators of corporate networks to monitor the status of the UPS. Some desktop UPS also sport LCD monitor to show status and give user interface.
On our latest requirement for UPS on my work, we come across the product from Emerson Liebert. We previously had Emerson Liebert and I can say that the one we will be replacing is also an Emerson brand bought 4 years ago. You will notice that your UPS is no longer functioning if it turns off during power interruption. We bought their desktop type model Liebert ITON –SOHO. For this unit with 220 VAC output and 3 outlet socket, I notice that this UPS is compact and smaller sized.
Package contains the UPS equipment, the user manual and 1 pc output power cable. For new buyers, it is important to place your UPS in a well ventilated and dry area to keep it cool. Providing at least 7.8 inches of clearance on all sides will enable proper ventilation. Give your new UPS some time to charge before connecting the computer, router or monitor. Turn on the unit when charged and connect the load afterwards. Never connect printer and scanner to your UPS as it degrades UPS life due to variable and high current need of these equipment. This unit is 360W and should be operated within this given range.
Other notable features of this UPS are as follows: universal sockets that means easy of use in connecting various loads, built-in boost and block AVR, fuse protection, and a new feature- USB port for mobile charging. USB charging dock can be found on the right side of the UPS, with manual on and off switch to enable or disable. In case you need to charge your gadget, this UPS can provide that extra USB charging dock for you.

By Kyle

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