Interstellar by Christopher Nolan is a  2014 Science Fiction movie. The story revolves around the limit of human’s race for survival. When science for most people has failed to support the growing population of humans on earth due to effects of second dust bowl and blight. 

The idea of a nearing extinction due to overpopulation and inability to sustain humanity from agriculture would have led to extraterrestrial exploration but due to the limit of science and technology still seems distant. From help of “them” which are future humans that mastered the higher dimensions, have gave the present humanity a helping hand for extraterrestrial exploration. This premise of the story just sounds Sci-fi themed, yet I think is a positive and good future for us, since in the future we will possibly experience hunger, famine and overpopulation which our knowledge and developed technology could not address. What time this will happen and how things could get worst is still likely to be known and projected in the near future. Will out dependence on renewable energy still catch up with growing needs of the population? Will we be able to develop much land for farming than we already convert for urbanization? Will we be able to explore new worlds that can provide humans another home? This questions are just questions about the future. What answer future holds is what the movie can offer. A futuristic movie yet is able to capture emotions of the characters from the story. Christopher Nolan has created another fun to watch movie.

By Kyle

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