Chickens are popular among backyard raisers. It is due to high marketability of chickens. Most people love chicken meat. It can be fried plainly or with flour for added crisp. It can also be cooked as chicken adobo, chicken curry and other dishes. All public market has its own area for chicken meat. We also see fastfoods selling their own recipe for fried chicken. Other small chicken entrepreneurs sell lechon manok while being roasted.

Chicken meat is one of the cheapest meat products in the market. In order to start seeing the potential of chicken business, we can start raising chickens at backyard. Why raise chicken at backyard and not scale it up? The answer is marketing. Finding the market of your goods is one of the focus in starting a business. By starting your chicken farm as backyard scale, you will be able to find your market and opportunities in selling your chicken. Start with 5 to 10 chickens. By being able to grow your chickens reaching your desired weight at an expected period of time will be crucial. Learning the ins and out of chicken raising will be an important factor in realizing the growth and profitability of the business. To start, buy chicks from your reputed poultry supply. Poultry supply are selling feeds, farm tools and materials, veterinary medicines and chicks with age typically 1 day old or more. Buying your stocks from them is ideal since your business is their business, and they have supplier of reliable chicks. Do not buy chicks from fiestas or from those that sell colored chicks. These chicks might be inferior with defects or are not suitable for growers. Forty Five days chicken can be raised and feed for 45 days from date of hatching to reach ideal weight of about 2 kilograms. Leg horn chickens should not be grown. As a tip, if you can buy thirty five peso chick that is already 10 days old is better than buying a day old chick for 20 pesos. You will have lower mortality rate for your chicks and bigger size for the cost difference of 15 pesos. These chickens should have better stamina. Forty five days chicken should be feed with chicken feeds advised by your poultry farm supply. They will advise the feeding of chick boaster for 10 days for day old chicks to provide your chicks with the needed vital nutrients to support growth and immunity from sickness like colds and influenza. After chick boaster, feed your chicks with Grower feeds. Grower feeds promotes appetite and growth. On the 35 to 45 days, feed chickens with corn feeds. Corn will help eliminate any chemicals from feeds to prepare chickens for human consumption. This feeding regiment will also help convert excess fats to meat.

The housing must be well ventilated. It is important that the chicks are given heat source to provide warmth during the night. It can be accomplished by providing a 25 watts to 50 watts buld. Provide antibiotics and vitamins like Vetracine water soluble sachets to the drink containers. Situate the chicken housing in a shaded area like under a tree to help in cooling during hot days. Chickens are sensitive to heat and will affect their appetite. Do not let the drink container run out of water. Feed chickens on a regular time. Growing chicks should always have food.

By following this tips, you will be able to reach 2 kilograms live weight in 45 days. You can begin selling your chickens to neighbors. This is a common practice in the province. You can sell live chicken at 120 pesos per kilo but of course price depends on your location. We usually grow chickens not during rainy seasons, as demand for chicken is low due to farming expense of planting rice of farmers lessens spending. This translates to weak sales. We grow more chicken in preparation for Christmas and New Year. Public markets can also be a venue for selling your chickens. Dealers also buy chickens in bulk, but make sure to find good offers to maximize the profit of your chicken business. 

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