You use your phone everyday. You play games. Make your calls and text using your android phone. But what happens if you cannot charge your phone. It even gets better if you bought Cherry Mobile phone. I bought my Cherry Mobile Flare X just last year. But now after the warranty lapse, it starts to act up. Battery life runs shorter and shorter. Good thing you have a charger, you just plug it back to the charger and starts charging. But one day it stops charging.  So here are my tips to Cherry Mobile phone users that has issues charging their mobile phone.
Check the Cable
You would have tried unplugging the phone to the cable. Check the cable to your laptop or computer and see if it charge. If not, chances are either the USB charger cable is broken. If it does, and you use that charger to other cellphone, charger could be faulty. If cable and charger works on other phone, we are looking at possible battery or phone cable port issue. If cable is broken, buy another one. You can buy Php 50.00 USB cable from malls.
Battery is drained
If the phone was not used for a long time or battery was not charged and got totally drained, the phone sometimes wont even charge. You will usually see the phone responds to charging when connected to a charger. However, as I experience, it could have been totally drained that it takes more time to charge than what it did before. Charge the phone longer than what you usually do. Give it enough time to charge. However, observe, bloating or heating of the battery.
Phone cable port
Check the port where you connect your charger. You clean your phone, I know, but sometimes dirt gets to certain places you dont usually clean. Check if the phone cable port is not filled with dirt that might be interfering with the charging.
Check of Battery
You can check the battery if it still does not charge. If all steps are done but points to the battery, get a universal battery charger. They are the types of charger where you get the battery out of the mobile phone and attached to the positive (+) and negative (-) pins of the universal charger. Battery gets charged directly from the adapter and we eliminate the possibility of other faults. Again, give it time to charge because it must be totally drained. Observer the battery for possible bloating and heat. Make sure the polarity of the pins connect to the right polarity on the battery. Positive goes to positive and negative goes to negative. Afterwards, connect the battery back to phone see if it charge. If it still does not have charge, battery is already degraded. Replace the battery with correct model.
Battery charged with Universal Charger
If the battery is still working, possible issue is the phone cable port. You can use the universal charger to charge the phone. If you do not wanna disconnect the battery just to charge, have the unit serviced as the Phone cable port is loose and needs to be checked by cellphone technician. Once repaired, you should be able use the phone like before. The steps covered first identifies the problem cause and should have gave user valuable information before going straight to repair shop.
Moving on, how to prolong battery life

Always charge your phone to 100 percent if possible. If battery falls below 20 percent due to use, charge it. Do not wait for zero percent as it degrades battery life. Use the battery only for your phone, avoid using it to other phones if they ever fit. Battery inevitably lose its capacity to store charge after its indicated life. Cherry Mobile users can follow the mentioned steps as it can lessen chance of buying batteries quickly than what is necessary. 

By Kyle

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